September 13, 2011
Gomberg Books Now Online

Gomberg Kite Productions got its start back in the 1980's publishing books on kite flying and kite making.

Computers were a bit more simple in the eighties. Those were the days before font screens and ink jets. In fact, our first editions were prepared on a dot-matrix printer!

We self-published, laying out the manuscript and hand-drawing illustrations. Networking through the kite community, we gathered comments and suggestions from the best fliers we could find. Sometimes, the experts disagreed on advice, which better reflected the current state of flying.

We also self-marketed, selling books to kite stores by the case. The success of our second book, Stunt Kites!, allowed me to leave my day-job, concentrate on my new position with the AKA, and begin to slowly build the business. Eventually, we published a total of four books and six help guides.

Ten years later, video and the internet had changed how people learned to fly. Printing books was no longer cost effective, and our business had shifted from paper to ripstop. We were now making kites and our publications slowly went out of print.

Copes still surface on EBay from time-to-time. But we have decided to publish our three most popular books here. The contests may occasionally be dated. But I hope there is still plenty of useful information and a bit of history between the covers. Read and enjoy!

Stunt Kites!
Click here to access the book.

First published in 1988 and revised annually until 1996, Stunt Kites! sold over 100,000 copies.

This is our complete introductory manual for sport kite fliers. It includes sections on basic flying techniques, wind, introductory maneuvers, tuning and competition along with advice from two dozen of the best recognized flyers on the US circuit.

A generation of kite enthusiasts called it "the Bible".

We now offer Stunt Kites! as a free download on a limited test basis. The contents are dated, but still useful. Let us know what you think.

The Fighter Kite Book
Click here to access the book.

Published in 1992, The Fighter Kite Book is our flying manual on single-line maneuverable "fighters" and rokkakus. It contains basic flying instructions, sections on wind, flying line, tuning, and competition. Several dozen international experts are quoted throughout the book.

The FKB includes instructions for making your own basic fighter. And if you are into competition, there is a full chapter of tips and techniques.

We now offer The Fighter Kite Book as a free download on a limited test basis. Let us know what you think.

Sport Kite Magic
Click here to access the book.

Published in 1996, Sport Kite Magic! was a more detailed manual than the classic Stunt Kites!. It included instruction on flying all of the compulsory precision maneuver including hand positioning and performance enhancing tips. It outlined three complete sport kite ballet routines and information on how to develop your own.

SKM offered early tutorials on trick flying. And it concluded with the first published outline of indoor or no-wind flying.

We now offer Sport Kite Magic! as a free download on a limited test basis. The contents are dusty, but definitely not out-of-date. Let us know what you think.

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