September 7, 2011
A Barrel of Fun

It is an enormous creation, and actually was made by mistake.

Back in the 90's Greens of Burnley was known for making the largest kites and ground sculptures in the world. GKPI spent several years as their US distributor. And one day we got a call from England explaining that they had instructed the sewing staff to make a 15 foot bol, and then left on vacation.

When they returned home, they found a completed 15 meter bol waiting for them....

Giant Barrel

This was back in about 1997 and the guy here flying the largest kites was Jack Rogers. I quickly put Jack, Greens, and the "Barrel" together.

Jack's Barrel mesmerized the crowd whenever he brought it out of the bag. But several years later, Jack retired from kiting and asked me to help find this unique piece a new home. Ownership passed to my good friend, Al Sparling.

Barrel Barrel Barrel

Al continues to fly the Barrel whenever he can arrange transport, anchoring, and support staff. And recently, he had the entire piece cleaned and re-furbished in the Ogletree workshop. But now Al is looking to consolidate his collection and has decided to place the Barrel back on the market.

This remains a unique piece and should be handled by a uniquely qualified flier. But if you are interested, Al has the bag, lines, deflation rings, and all other accoutrements to make this a fine flying show.

How much?? Everyone asks how much big kites cost. And in this case, the answer is surprising. Asking price is $3500 plus shipping. Now, think what the shirt you are wearing cost and multiply times however much bigger the Barrel is....

For video of the Barrel in action,

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Email me if you need Al's contact details. And if really big kites are what you are looking for, ask me about a super huge Octopus that is for sale.


Meik's Turtles

I had a pair of Meik Schlenger's Turtles out on the beach this weekend. I continue to be impressed with the design, appearance, and attention they get.

You could be flying one too!

With all the attention to detail, the price came in at $600. But order before we leave for Sunfest on the 23rd, and we'll take 20% off. Just remember to mention the Update!

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