August 7, 2011
Beach Shows 3

Beach shows are a major hit in Lincoln City! Visitors love 'em. The town loves 'em. Even the press loves'em!!

Scheduled guest performers include Ray & Donna Hertz (Auburn WA), Russ & Diane Little (Tualatin, OR), Barry & Susan Tislow (Renton, WA), Phil & Barbara Burks (Portland, OR), Ed Paulsen (Vancouver, WA), and Rod & Cindy Thrall (Newburg, OR).

But each week, more and more fliers are showing up and joining in on the fun. It's like a festival every single weekend! .

Beach Shows
Beach Shows

Flying on the beach is much different than during a real festival. Fields aren't marked off and there is no announcer. So what you get is a real opportunity to interact with people. They walk up, ask question, take lots of photos, and offer to help.

If you have plans to be in Oregon this summer, stop by and add a line to the show. We're at milepost 115 on Coastal Highway 101.

I'm off to Dieppe in Canada early Tuesday. As soon as we return, I'll be driving up to Washington for the Long Beach festival. See you out there somewhere!

This weekend, Ray, Donna, and Ed put up a set of our Mega Sleds with matching Snake Tails.

This is a big kite - 7.5 by 10 feet - with lots of pull and plenty of color. The tails provided a bit more stability and a larger overall impact.

Bottom line -- it looked great!

If you'd like the same package, give us a shout! The kite is normally $150 and the tails $50 each. Mention the update and get 20% off on a Mega Sled and two Snakes between now and August 20.

Beach Shows

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