July 12, 2011
Beach Shows This Summer - Part 2

As I said last week, we'll be doing shows every weekend this Summer at the beach opposite our main store. Thursday, our scheduled performer called to say he was pretty sick. So we scrambled to find a replacement with most of the regulars already on their way to the Westport Festival up in Washington.

Beach Shows Beach Shows Beach Shows

Boy did we get lucky! Ron Bohart from Portland agreed to come down on short notice. We'd flown with him in Mexico recently and were delighted with the detailed designs he was putting on large flowforms. When we got to the beach Saturday, there were four pieces pieces up and several smaller framed kites. The beach was crowded and folks were marveling at the kites.

One young visitor flew her small diamond into Ron's bridles. ""Be careful!" warned her mother. "You kite is only $3 and his is about $300!!!"

I'm convinced the Ron is the best large kite applique artist in the country.

Competing as a novice, Ron took his first kite, "My Grandkids" to the nationals in Seaside and finished one point out of first place in the soft kite category. But the pieces he is flying now are better! Check out the patriotic Eagle and intricate Clowns.

It is hard to imagine how many pieces or how many hours go into each of these stunning creations. I expect we'll soon see Ron on the invitation list for festivals that value larger showpieces along with more detail art kites.

Beach Shows
Bohart Rok

Speaking of remarkable kites, Ron left behind a very special treat for Susie and I. What an incredible rok!

This six foot rokkaku features elements from the poster of the annual Cabo Kite Fiesta as well as three of our trademark giant Octopus. The colors, detail, and overall impression are simply stunning! The center Octopus alone has more than 60 pieces!

Susie and I are grateful, honored, and humbled to have this exquisite kite in our collection.


Chevron Stunt Kite:

Our G-Kites brand currently offers two diamond-wing stunt kite models. But after several years of market testing, we've decided to phase out the Chevron and focus on the Starburst.

That's mans we're phasing out the Chevrons and you can order now at 20% off the $40 list price.

The Chevron harkens back to those early physical flying days. It won't do axels, flips, or fades. But it will put a huge smile on your face as you drive it through the wind. Each kite is 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. A matching 45 foot tail is included.

Add several kites together in stacks for a spectacular presentation. We've included detachable train lines and a quick "pigtail" connection system.

Available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple while supplies last.

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