July 5, 2011
Beach Shows This Summer

Beach Shows are back! Gomberg Kite Productions and Northwest Winds Kiteshops in Lincoln City are bringing big kites to the beach all summer!

Every weekend between July and October, large kites will fill the D River Wayside. We'll start with the Summer Kite Festival and end with the Fall International Festival.

Guest performers include Ray & Donna Hertz (Auburn WA), Russ & Diane Little (Tualatin, OR), Barry & Susan Tislow (Renton, WA), Phil & Barbara Burks (Portland, OR), Ed Paulsen (Vancouver, WA), and Rod & Cindy Thrall (Newburg, OR).

Susan and I will also join the show periodically.

Beach Shows
Beach Shows

Watch for giant animals, large flowforms, and plenty of color. It's like a kite festival every weekend! The first program with Ray, Donna, and Ed featured our AirBanner system. We're planning to spell out "Welcome to Lincoln City" and a few other messages before the season is over.

Ray also lofted his 50 by 30 foot American Flag to celebrate Independence Day.

The Beach Show program is coordinated by Northwest Winds and supported by the Ashley Inn, Chinook Winds, Kyllos Restaurant, and KYTE Radio.

If you'd like a big, lightweight flag of your own, let us know. We have 15 x 25 (375 square feet) for $400 or the huge 30x 50 (1500 square feet) for $1500.

Order by July 15 and mention the Update to save 20%

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