June 27, 2011
Lincoln City - Expect Delays

By mid-day Saturday, traffic was backed up and there was an hour delay getting through Lincoln City. Cars simply stopped to watch the showpieces hanging over the Summer Kite Festival. Warning signs were posted at both ends of town.

Not bad when you can get the highway department to advertise your event!

Highway Sign Highway Sign

We knew on Friday that the weekend was going to be big. Fliers were gathering and a show was in the air. Giant Flowforms were visible a mile away, and because of the way the highway curves, there was the appearance they were right over the road.

We added larger inflatables below. Fabric was clustered so tight, you could have almost walked across the sky from kite to kite.

LC Kites! LC Kites! LC Kites! LC Kites!

Winds were ideal on Saturday. On the demonstration field, IQuad, Al Washington, Penny Lingenfelter, Island Quad, Gary MacEachern, and Jerry Cannon kept the entertainment going.

On the big kite field, Ray and Donna Hertz, Susan and Barry Tislow, Rod and Cindy Thrall, Pete Zweifel, Ed Paulsen, Phil and Barbara Burks, and Steve Hughes anchored the show.

Bol races and a mass ascension of rokkakus drew the public onto the fields. GKPI offered up six Kabuki Roks and five new Suncatchers. Ronda Brewer added 10 tyvek roks to the show. So there were plenty of new kiter smiles on the beach!

Sun Roks

The excitement of the day came when a maxi CuttleFish burst its anchor and floated off across the beach, over the hotels, and came to rest in the top of a gnarled pine tree. (Note: The anchor was not made by us!) Six fliers jumped up and took chase as soon as the kite began to move. Remarkably, they were able to extricate the kite, unharmed, from the tree.

Disaster! Disaster! Disaster! Disaster!

A popular character on the scene was Pacific Power's Kiteman. The week before, our local paper carried a story with kite safety tips. Only use kites made from wood or plastic. Use cotton or linen and never metal reinforced string. If a kite is caught in a tree, check for power lines before climbing.

Those warning go back to the late 70's when Kiteman was a popular TV personality. I'll get busy this week and send them an updated safety message. Either that or we'll stock up the store with paper kites, wood spars, and cotton lines.

Predictably, on Sunday, the winds dropped off to nothing. It's a familiar pattern we've seen at event-after-event this year. But one good flying day is always a treat.

Our big kite friends will be returning to Lincoln City each weekend from July to October. So the highway guys may need to keep those signs going.

Meanwhile, Susie and I are taking time for some family and personal business this week, and then drive down to the kite gathering in Brookings. See you out there!


Diablo Sale

We made a valiant effort Sunday morning to loft the giant Diablo. At one point, we actually had the tails off the sand. But it just wouldn't stay up. Maybe next time.

Want to give it a try yourself?? We have the small Diablo for $99 or the 30 foot larger one for $1100. Order by July 15 and we'll take off 20% when you say the magic words 'Update Special".

And if you want something bigger, email us about the 60 foot size.


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