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June 16, 2011
Kite Fiesta in Cabo

The kite gathering in Cabo is a lot like the Wildwood Kite Festival.

In fact, it is just like Wildwood -- except that the fields aren't marked off. There is no schedule. There is no sound system. There is no program, competition, or formal demonstrations.

The hotel is better; the bar is better; the food is better; the beach is better, and there is no tram car.

So maybe it isn't like Wildwood at all.... ;)

I've been to Kite Parties and this one is different.

Fiesta is held at the InterContinental Presidente Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The resort is "all-inclusive", which means all food and beverages are included. Eat as much and as often as you like. Empty a drink and they bring another. Use a different restaurant each night.

Our flying base is a covered area next to a wide, white-sand beach. The margaritas come in standard, frozen, strawberry ,or mango. And the best part is that they have a self-serve ice-cream machine!

Kite Fiesta

Kites were as exciting as any I've seen at larger events. And it was impressive to note that the sky was filled by a relatively small number of people. I never even got a lifter out of the bag. Instead, I added line creatures below the larger inflatables up above.

Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites

Eight couples made the sojourn south this year. They represented California, Oregon, Texas, and Illinois. Karen and Barry Ogletree of WhataKite were the organizers and principle hosts.

Festival Site Festival Site Festival Site

With the wind right off the water, we flew each day as often as we pleased. And the rest of the time we spent in the pool or a hammock. Traffic on the beach was light and we're told the hotel was at only 18% occupancy due to economic and social issues. We felt bad for the facility. But they took excellent care of us and smiled while accommodating any request.

The Cabo Fiesta isn't like other kite events. It is more like an adult social with kites.

The food is excellent, the service impeccable, and the rooms delightful. Asked if I wanted the cheesecake or the chocolate decadence for desert one night, I simply replied "yes".

We felt very little need to leave the complex -- except for dinner one night out in town.

Kite Fiesta
Kite Fiesta

Yesterday, one of our Cabo friends posted, "A little while ago a sat down at the table. I sat there and sat there. No margarita appeared. No nachos appeared. I was puzzled. What's up with this?"

"Oh,,,,,,I'm home."

I know what he means. I'm feeling fat, sunburned, and a bit hung-over. I must have had a really good time!

Zum Zum Sale

When we put our Softie Bee on sale last week, some folks called to bug us about discounting the Zum Zum too.

Meet ZumZum, designed by Christian "Pumuckel" Laskowski and Alexandra Ruger of Germany. He's got big bug eyes, a happy smile, fluttering wings, and a cute little stinger.

The ten footer is priced low enough you can stack up a swarm. Just $200 each. Or ask for the impressive 20 foot Zum Zum for $600.

Mention the Update and order by July 1, we'll take 20% off.

Zum Kite

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