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June 6, 2011
Quiet Weekend at Home

I've been out at festivals every weekend for the past two months.

I'd planned to get up early Saturday and drive up to the event in Ocean Shores Washington and fly with friends there. But five hours of driving, five hours of flying, and five hours driving back home seemed daunting. I could have bought a room there, of course. But then Susie reminded me that I didn't even have a beach pass for the car this year.

"Why don't you stay home, enjoy working in your garden, and fly kites in front of your own store for once?" she asked.

How do you argue with that kind of logic?? I slept in late, mowed the lawn, and then tossed several of our new 250 foot Flowforms in the car.

The winds were brisk and clean at the D River Wayside and the beach was crowded. But when the first big kite went up, there was an audible gasp from the unsuspecting crowd.

Right across the street, our main store is humming. Meet Khrys, Cindy, Mike, and Ted.

We're into our second year at this location and the summer season is getting underway. As you know, we make 90 per cent of the kites we sell there. And being retailers now has made us better wholesalers and manufacturers too.

In about ten days, we'll be taking delivery of our summer container delivery which will include two new sport kites, some cellular pieces, and a larger rok we call the SunCatcher.

We're also working right now on a series of indoor gliders for the 2012 season.

Northwest Winds

As for the garden, a cool. wet spring has left all the larger rhododendrons to bloom late. They are usually open in early May. And here it is June and only half are in color. The acre we have cultivated is alive with reds, purples, and yellows. Heck! I should stay home more often.

Gomberg Gardens Gomberg Gardens

Susie and I fly out on the 9th for a low-key event in Cabo. No schedule and a open bar. One bag of kites. Sunny beaches. Good friends. One bag of swimsuits. Hola!!

Bee Kites

We don't get many bees in the garden. In fact, we don't get many bugs at all! But we do have bees in the kite warehouse and we'd be happy to send you one!

Our Softie Bee is about seven feet tall and stands our with translucent eyes that glisten in the sun. Construction and materials all around are better than the ones you find on EBay direct from China.

Our list price is $70. Order before June 15 and take 20% off. Just mention the Update Special. Quantities are limited to email us bee-fore we run out!

Bee Kite

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