June 1, 2011
Perfect Winds and a Big Sky in Wildwood

Wildwood Sky

Although the forecast suggested rain and thunder, we enjoyed near perfect flying conditions on the Jersey Shore this past Saturday and Sunday. Winds came off the water, cooling us all, and blew straight toward the boardwalk. The sky was so full, you could have walked across the beach from kite-to-kite.

Wildwood Kites Wildwood Kites Wildwood Kites

I've been attending Wildwood every Memorial Weekend for more than 20 years. These were the best winds any of us could remember.

Wildwood Kites Wildwood Kites Wildwood Kites Wildwood Kites

It was also the thinnest attendance anyone could remember. Friday night, the South Jersey welcome party dropped from 125 attendees last year, to fewer than 100. Sport kite competitors numbered about two dozen. At the Saturday banquet, fifty fans filled eight tables.

Wildwood Kites Wildwood Kites Wildwood Kites

But from the Boardwalk opposite the festival field, you could hardly tell the difference. The few fliers simply emptied their bags and put up more and more kites. Whales were the big stars on Saturday. Sunday, Crabs filled the air.

Tim M

There are plenty of big kites on the East Coast. Who has the most??

Tim Maruszczak from Delaware has more large kites than anyone we know. He comes down to Cape May each weekend and puts up a popular one-man-show there.

One day we'll entice Timmy to bring his entire collection out to Wildwood and have a real performance! We'll even dig the holes!!

A great indoor competition was part of the Wildwood program and featured a collection of exceptional fliers. Tory Linderman, Lisa Willoughby, Curtiss Mitchell and Wen Jeng were standouts!

Monday the winds dropped off and the heat index soared. Only a few determined fliers braved the light, puffy winds. The rest of us stayed off the beach and headed for home early.

I headed back to Philly with Pete Dolphin for a dinner with family and an early flight home

The rains have finally stopped here in Oregon and the garden is bursting with color! And I have ten days to enjoy it before flying out again.

WW Sky

Mini Caterpillar

Paul Keeler always brings hi Mini Caterpillar to Wildwood. Actually, her has matching set of all three colors. But the small one intrigues me. it is a big ground piece that fits in a small bag.

Fifteen feet long and three wide, the kite sells for $400. But order one before June 10 and we'll drop the price 20% Just mention the Update!

And you can have any color you like.

Small Caterpilliar

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