Hold that Tiger!

May 16, 2011
Damp Drive to Rockaway

Why is this man smiling?

Might be because he just opened up the first giant PL Tiger in North America. Pretty cool!

We drove up to Rockaway for the weekend. Russ and Diane Little flew their Tiger. Ed Paulsen tested his new giant Devil for the first time. The sky was filled with fabric. And if the wind had lasted, we might have had a pretty good show.

Actually, the show was just fine. Fliers from around the Northwest converged on the Rockaway Wayside for a fine little event. Smaller towns seem to really appreciate the kiters and provide well organized and gracious hospitality. A fine tuned collection of sport kite fliers, quad teams, and big kite aficionados worked together to keep a steady stream of spectators happy.

The performance included lots of big flowforms and tails up top, interesting inflatables and ground bouncers below, and a brief flight of the new 30 x 50 American Flag we're now making. Check out Ray and Donna Hertz's 50 foot Crowns.

Dark Skies - Bright Kites Dark Skies - Bright Kites Dark Skies - Bright Kites

Over on the sport kite field, IQuad, Island Quad, and the NW Sport Kite league took turns together with Bol Races and a Rok Fight.

My personal favorites were when Steve DeRoy popped up two Revs for a fine ballet, and all the Quad Line Women flew together.

Demo Field Demo Field Demo Field

Skies were dark and daunting all Saturday afternoon. By Sunday, the predicted rain arrived and only the kiters with wet suits braved the beach. We headed for home late morning.

But despite the showers and short flying, Rockaway was a nice season opener here in the Northwest. Next week I fly to Grand Haven and then on to Wildwood. After that, I'll be in Cabo. So including Oregon, I guess that is four Coasts in four weeks. See you out there!

Big Flag

Sure hope that big flag caught your attention. It measures 30 feet tall and 50 feet wide. That's not unusual, except that our model is made from lightweight ripstop. If the wind is blowing, you can get it up in the air. All you need is a lifter to overcome the drag.

We've had a smaller, 15 x 15 foot flag for a few years that sells for $$400. The newer model, a full 1500 square feet, is $1500.

Order before Flag Day and we'll take 20% off the purchase price.Just remember to mention the Update Special.

Big Flag

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