March 28, 2011
Indoor Kites? Absolutely!

Kite flying isn't what it used to be. Technological innovations such as super-strong lightweight fabrics and composite carbon rods allow skilled indoor kite fliers to maneuver futuristic looking, aerodynamic pieces of artwork through a windless environment with ease. Indoor kite flying? Absolutely! Indoor kites are propelled by a gentle balance of movement and precise technique. Add music and indoor kite flying becomes a true demonstration of art in motion.

Indoor Flying Indoor Flying Indoor Flying

Many indoor fliers enjoy outdoor kiting with the wind at their backs. But outdoors, kiters experience limitations including weather and wind. And outdoors, kiters can only fly from side to side, overhead, or downwind. Indoors, a skilled pilot can push their kite in a full 360 degree range of maneuvers as well as any overhead direction. Indoor fliers create "wind" utilizing a variety of walking patterns and shoulder, arm, and wrist movements which make the kiting experience more of a dance. Each body nuance is mirrored in the kite, creating an artistic reflection of the flier's creativity.

In short, indoor kiting challenges the observer to question the very idea of gravity.

Indoor Flying Indoor Flying Indoor Flying

Lincoln City has just concluded their eighth annual indoor festival. The program included individual demonstrations, workshops, children's programs, and a competition. The highlight was a one-hour, choreographed program featuring lights, music, and fourteen kite performers working together. The result was worthy of any stage anywhere.

Lee and Debbie Park served as producer and artistic director. Remarkably, they brought the fliers together to arrange and rehearse the presentation in just one intense afternoon.

Other performers included Scott Weider of Coventry Rhode Island, Spencer "Watty" Watson of Vancouver Washington, Penny Lingenfelter of Port Orchard Washington, Lisa Willoughby of Medford New Jersey, Paul deBakker of Bremerton Washington, Zach Colbert of Lincoln City Oregon, Jeff Reed of Monroe Washington, Phil Burke of Portland Oregon, Jerry cannon on Auburn Washington, Wayne Turner of Tacoma Washington, Dick Curran of Edgewood Washinton, Tobias Arndt of Edgewood Washinton, and announcer Bob Wendt of Puyallup Washington.

The program ran three times over the weekend with strong audiences for each performance.

We finished the weekend with a formal competition. Judging was tough, but three performances stood out. Third place was Paul deBakker, second was Spencer Watson, and in first was Tobias Arndt. Great performances by everyone!

All the fliers appreciated strong support from our hosts and sponsors.

The Lincoln City Indoor Kite Festival is organized by our Visitor and Convention Bureau and managed by Maggie Conrad. Next up in Lincoln City will be the Summer Kite Festival in on 25th and 26th. And that one will be outdoors on the beach!

Susie and I leave for Korea early Tuesday.

April is going to be an intense month. We're doing the Uiseong International Kite Festival. We fly home on the 5th. I turn around almost immediately and head off to Vitenam and a fine event in Vung Tau. And then right after that is Berck in France. Watch for some exciting Updates in the coming weeks. See you on the field!

Contest Winners

Indoor kite flying is cool! And we've got the perfect indoor kite on sale this week.

As a special for to festival, we brought in a handful of ultra light indoor Revolutions. This is the Rev specially designed for indoor flying and comes complete with line and handles. We've got red, aqua, or purple.

List price is $266. We'll take off 10% for AKA members and another 5% as a show special. That's 15% off the list price -- the largest discount we're allowed under contract with Revolution.

This offer is good for one week only. To order, click here.

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