Tsunami Warning

The first calls came in just after 1 a.m. Thursday night. Tsunami warnings were in affect.

By four, we had evacuated three households from the lowlands to our place on the hillside. Six people, five dogs, and eight cats. We then hunkered down and while the beach sirens wailed, we waited for the wave.

Our larger store is right on the beach and we didn't know what was going to happen.

Fortunately, the surge was relatively minor here and there was no damage at all. Better safe than sorry. I had re-scheduled my flights to California and headed for the airport about ten.

We have meany friends in Japan and have visited there more than 20 times. Our hearts ache as news of devastation, loss, and now, nuclear pollution continue to stream in. Please keep these good people in your thoughts and help as you can.

March 16, 2011
Fine Winds at Kite Party 9

Don't call it a "festival". They have banished the "F" word here.

There is no schedule - no competition - and no program. There is precious little organization as well and that's just fine. Just two large fields marked off (for safety), and a PA system to provide background music and occasionally tell the public what's going on.

Welcome to Kite Party!

KP9 Logo

The Party is clearly oriented toward the sport kite fliers. On the field bordered by the festival party tent, pilots have gathered to swap tips and technique, to check out the newest designs, and to fly together in the cramped but friendly space. There are a few formal demonstrations. But for the most part, it is an open fly and everyone is having fun.

KP Kites KP Kites KP Kites

Over on the single-line field, we were filling up space too. Rob Cembalest, Ron Gibian, and MaryAnn McVey pop up interesting art kites. Lyle Walter, George and Shannon Halpin, and Pat Lewis put up big lifters. And I filled in underneath.

Huntington Beach provided some of the best flying winds I've seen so far this year. And after being completely nulled-out the weekend before in Texas, it was a joy to see some larger pieces inflate and lift off the ground.

KP Kites KP Kites KP Kites

My one regret was the limited opportunity to interact with the fliers from the neighboring field. They were focused and didn't come our way much. And we didn't leave our anchors for long either. But that lack of cross-over is typical, and social events each evening allowed us all to catch up on several good days of flying.

Our new AirBanner system started generating attention before we even got it off the ground.

Interchangeable letters allow us to celebrate any event or send almost any message we want. That meant that everyone walking by knew this was the "Kite Party". And it also meant our larger kites got in lots of photos.

With a big Sutton as a lifter, the flying sign dominated the north field all weekend.

KP Kites

Susie and I have a weekend off. And then the Indoor Kite Festival comes to town. After that, April is going to be very, very busy. See you out there somewhere!

If you like the Zum Zums we flew at Kite party, we've got an offer that will bug you until you buy some.

The ten footers normally sell for $200. But we'll sell you a set of three for $475. Just order before the end of March, and remember to mention the Update Specail!

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