February 14, 2011
Happy Valentine's Day! Kymera!

It's Valentine's Day!

Here in Oregon, that means it is wet, cold and windy. But the good news is that you don't have to shovel rain off the driveway. And a few hardy daffodils are starting to squeeze up in the back pasture. Great excuse to kiss the wife!

But then, who needs an excuse??

Susie and I actually met just before Valentine's Day back in 1984. (I've aged a bit since then but she looks just the same.) In 1986, we bought this watercolor and used the center section for our wedding invitations.

(Thanks to Eli and Shula Shavit for this very cool kite.)

February 14 is also Oregon official birthday. And the state motto is "She flies with her own wings." Sounds like a great place for kite fliers!!

On Friday, we are head out on Susie's Annual Birthday Trip. The birthday is actually in December. But we were busy then so we are going now.

Each year we drop a big wad of frequent flier miles to go someplace really special. We've seen Machu Piccu, Venice, Easter Island, and the Pyramids. Use your imagination and try and guess where we are off to now. Then check back next week for a full report.

She flies!

Meanwhile, here is something new and interesting we brount home from KTA.


We've been flying kites with John Barressi since he was 15. JB is a local boy who caught the kite bug here in Lincoln City. Now he is known around the world. He is a friend and an inspiration.

One of the most prolific and active sport kite fliers in the world, John has been flying since his early teens in 1990. He began competing in 1991 and has since won 19 national championships in individual, pairs, team, dual line, quad line, and indoor flyng.

For some months, there have been rumors of a new Barresi designed, high performance sport kite. Some of you have even seen prototypes being test flown.

Later this spring, John's new kite, the Kymera, will start showing up at competitions and on fun flying fields around the country.

But why wait to see someone else flying it? You can get in front of the curve, because GKPI has reserved some of the first kites off the boat and we're taking advanced orders right now.

The Kymera is being produced by Into the Wind. They describe it as a blend of "old and new school elements to produce both tricks and precision ability in a wide wind range".

Graceful side slides, jacobs ladders, spin landings to wap-do-waps, this is a true all-rounder fit for a fun day at the beach or serious competition.

Built to drive and track with sharp, stable cornering when loaded up with a good wind, the Kymera is a great kite for tight banking turns and arcs with small powerful inputs, backed up by its smooth style throughout a wide range of tricks.

Kymera Colors


  • Icarex polyester sail with Skyshark carbon spars.
  • 7'2" x 3'2". 11.2 oz.
  • Includes two 15-gram and 5 gram tail weights
  • Fly on 90 pound spectra line

We are taking orders now and you can be among the very first to fly a Barresi Kymera. Specify red, blue, or lime green colors. $198. Available in late May, 2011.

But wait! There's more!

As soona s the kite comes in, John has promised a beach workshop here in Lincoln City. So all you Northwest pilots reserve your Kymera now and we'll see you on the sand!

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