July 13, 2010
Beach Show

I've spent the last two weekends flying on the beach in front of our D-River store.

Open flying is a lot different from festival flying. What a treat! Even on the busy July 4th weekend, I had no trouble setting up, launching, or even taking down. Generally I found less congestion on the sand and fewer people trying to grab lines or fabric. It was a pretty easy day.

When the winds came up this past Saturday, three hefty sunbathers grabbed the lines and helped me walk things down.


The beach show included two Octopus, a Manta Ray, two Suttons, and a set of five large Ghosts. That was about all I was prepared to handle alone. Packing up and off the beach needed a full hour.

Beach Show Beach Show Beach Show Beach Show

The folks I met were full of compliments and questions. Don't you wish you had a nickel for every time someone asked what they cost! I tried a cheerful smile along with answers like, "Less than a good set of golf clubs.", "100 times more than your jacket -- which is cheap since the kite is 200 times bigger.", and the one that got the best response -- "Less than a really bad date."


Here's a great aerial shot taken July 4th by David Weese. He managed to catch the kites, the beach, our store (behind the Flag Banners left of center) and me checking lines in the lower center.

We've got large kite performances lined up each weekend between now and the Fall Festival in October. I'll be flying six more times myself.

Guest performers include Dale Ray, The Tislow/Little Families, and Rod and Cindy Thrall. That means we'll be seeing more Octopus, Suttons with Streamers, and Bears. And we have the best and most romantic hotel in town helping out. Check out the O'dysius Hotel which overlooks the beach. Wonderful place! They have in-room breakfast and a complimentary wine tasting each night.

Of course, one of the problems with KAP is that there is no privacy and no one is safe. Click here.

I'm headed for Brookings and the Southern Oregon Kite Festival next. Then at the end of the month, Gomberg Kite Productions is joining together with the Berkeley Kite Wranglers to set a new Octopus record! Should be quite a show!


Kites are flying high at the D-River! So we're marking down our two best flying, high soaring deltas. Grab the Flacon or the Zenith and run a line out.

  • The Falcon comes in three colors and retails for $100.
  • The Zenith comes in red, gold, or purple for $75.

Both are framed in carbon and will handle any winds - light or heavy. And if you order between now and July 20, we'll take an extra 20% off. Just remember to mention that you read the Update!


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