June 30, 2009
Blasting Winds in Lincoln City

The Summer event in Lincoln City continues to draw big crowds to the beach. And the question most of them were asking me was whether we planned another Octopus record like last year. The very practical answer was -- no. We'd broken the record already with 21. We still had the record. So no need to repeat the feat. Instead, spectators would have to settle for for a mere ten or twelve in the air.

Welcome to Lincoln City
Welcome to Lincoln City

I've been flying in Lincoln City for over 30 years and actually co-founded this festival some 25 years ago. Recently, the city Visitor Bureau took over management of the three annual events, which made life a lot easier. The City provided paid organizers, a budget, media support, lodging for guest fliers, and much needed momentum.

This year, I was asked to do the announcing, which sadly meant no flying. Susie joined Al Sparling, Dale Ray, and Phil & Barbara Burke down the beach with the big stuff, while I introduced flying shows in the main arena.

IQuad and GKPI have been traveling the same routes for several years, and looking for some small opportunity to work together. In Lincoln City, the Rev Boys tried something new -- adding our Transition Tails to their polished routines.

ITails ITails ITails

GKPI is now the official purveyor of tail for IQuad -- no small responsibility. But we couldn't be more pleased with the results.

The team produced a visual transformation that left maneuvers traced in the sky with lines of color, or carved out delicate helix maneuvers and jaw-dropping starbursts.

Check out this YouTube video and see for yourself.

The tides and weather for Lincoln City provided several extremes. Low tide stretched out unusually far from the seawall, but climbed back up relentlessly through the day until it began to swallow buried anchors and field markers. Winds continued to rise from a tolerable twelve, to a pounding 28 in the afternoon.

OctoShow OctoShow OctoShow

Sport kite performers declined to do more than one routine at a time because of the effort required, and the large kites were thinned out and carefully tended. When it was time to bring things down on Saturday afternoon, eight of us we e needed to pull down the stack.


One special treat on the beach was the launching of three Rainbow Octopus. As far as we know, these are the only three kites made this way and they look super!

Phil owns the black one and Dale just received the red and purple. Colors change down the length of the tentacles for a bright and fun shy show.

All-in-all, it was a good event. And as an added benefit, Susie and I got to sleep in our own beds. We'll do the same next weekend, and then head for Westport the week after.

New Lighthouse!

Every craggy outcrop on the Oregon Coast features a lighthouse. And now we have a cool portable one to put up on every beach too.

This wonderful inflatable was created by Meik Schlenger of Germany and licensed to GKPI. It stands 9 feet tall and includes a lifter loop, inflation zipper, and stabilizing drogue. Choose your own colors or fly the traditional black, white, and red.

The 9 foot Lighthouse is priced at $250. Order before July 15, get one of the very first, and save 20%!

*Click here for information on how to place an order.

Light House

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